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You can invite your friends to play Forge of Empires and/or send a friend request to already existing players to be your friend too! Scroll to Step 1 to get You will get a reward for them reaching a certain age, including diamonds, which are used for getting special buildings and unlocking expansions for...

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Classement Médailles — Forge of Empires - Wiki FR Lorsque vous sélectionnez les médailles dans la fenêtre du classement, cela vous montre votre position actuelle, votre guilde, le nombre total de médailles que vous avez gagnées depuis que vous jouez à Forge of Empires et le nombre de combats que vous avez effectués. New Idea: - Points for Expansions | Forge of … 26/07/2016 · -1 you already get points for using them because you build buildings on them and they give points so players who uses more expansions already get … Town Size (expansion) | Page 2 | Forge of Empires …

One of the goals in Forge of Empires is to advance through the various ages. To advance your city to new age you have to research a technology of that age. Currently there are 18 Ages in the game. Hereby, the Stone Age can only be played in during the games tutorial. Forge of Empires Medals and Expansions List | GuideScroll Expansions as of late middle age. Note that the first column means Coins OR Diamonds. The third column is about the diamond expansions, of which you can buy two per age. Forge of Empires 1.158.0 for Android - Download Download Forge of Empires 1.158.0. Forge your own empire and achieve evolution, conquest, and power. Forge of Empires is a strategy game where you play lord and master of a historical city where you also need to become a lord of war.

Fondez un village à l’âge de pierre dans le jeu de stratégie en ligne Forge of Empires, combattez à travers les âges et développez un empire magnifique ! Jouez maintenant !

Build a Stone Age Settlement in the online strategy game Forge of Empires, fight through history and develop a magnificent empire. Start playing now! Expansions | Forge of Empires Forum Hi Foe people. In the last few days, i have been trying to figure out how why some players have about 10 expansions with this new era. i say this... Astuces Forges of Empires - Collège Gérome (Club) Astuces Forges of Empires Les clés du succès dans le jeu de stratégie construction prennent plusieurs formes. D’une part, il vous faut optimiser le territoire et d’autre part réaliser les meilleurs investissements qualités-prix. Forge of Empires - Home | Facebook



There are three primary ways of gaining Expansion slots 1: pursue a technology that opens an expansion. 2: conquer a new area of land in the continent map. 3: Purchase an expansion using Diamonds.